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Unlike any other office buildings in Metro Manila, the Savya has more to offer. This sustainable office and commercial developments are LEED and BERDE certified.

The towers and its surroundings are built minimizing carbon footprints emitted in the environment. Aside from low-emission and non-toxic building materials, the Savya Financial Center has a well-planned 1,800sqm of lush greens and open spaces, landscaped areas with native and endemic vegetation, and green roof for biodiversity. Moreover, lighting provides low volt LED bulbs in selected areas while the current design maximizes the natural ventilation as if you are in the countryside.

The natural air circulation allows for fresh air to flow in every nook and cranny of the building minimizing the use of air-conditioning systems even in the heat of summer. Air quality is maintained by these brilliant ideas. In addition, restrooms have a dual piping system while other bathrooms have dual flush water closet. Interestingly, to save unwanted water, selected restrooms are provided with low flow valves and other resources efficient plumbing and fixtures.

Another impressive feature of Savya is the rainwater harvesting facility which collects and recycles rainwater to be used in other worthy causes, such as watering plants. Other wastewater will also be recycled on site as part of the property’s efficient waste management system. The property also has its own materials recovery facility which collects and recycles thrash according to the existing laws. Savya Financial Center even promotes active living and healthy lifestyle by providing the property with 135 bicycle racks and 18 shower cubicles. The bike racks may encourage your employees to take the bicycle on their way to the office and vice versa.

As Athaland has stated “These sustainable building features, combined with world-class building design, are all meant to deliver function with form. Savya aims to provide a beneficial work environment that will boost energy and resource efficiency, reduce operating costs, and promote a healthier and more productive office space, ultimately uplifting a work-life experience befitting global standards”, you are sure to reap the most benefits of this company’s promising innovations.

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